About the Deanship

The Deanship of Academic Development was established with the High Approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, by Decree No. 1433/8/22H and 1433/3/19H. The Deanship of Academic Development aspires to create a paradigm shift in the work environment by developing staff continuously; To improve their professional skills and abilities, and achieve efficiency and overall quality to keep up with future changes and challenges.



Dr. Mubarak Ghadeer Al-Anzi
Dean of Academic Development

Vision and Mission


Achieve leadership and excellence in developing the University's students, staff, administrative, and leading cadres.

Developing employees' skills continuously to achieve the highest standards of excellence and creativity.


  • Disseminate academic development culture; make it a part of the university's identity.
  • Promote sustainability culture and cultural diversity.
  • Observe global developments in higher education, and propose development plans for the university's academic processes; To keep up with global changes.
  • Design development programs according to the requirements of the present and future.
  • Develop staff and faculty members professionally, and qualify and develop leaders' skills.
  • Participate in developing and implementing the university's strategic plan and evaluating its supporting studies.
  • Examine and provide the training needs of the university's employees (academic and administrative), and assess their retroactive effect.
  • Coordinate with supporting deanships, faculties, and vice presidencies continuously; to implement special development programs tailored to the needs of their employees.
  • Adopt and conduct strategic research and studies for future planning and development of academic education.
  • Develop administrative performance by cooperating with supporting administrative units, communicating with its directors to overcome difficulties, and providing performance-improving means.
  • Prepare development studies related to restructuring faculties and developing new university programs, departments, and faculties.
  • Strengthen relations, exchange experiences, and partner with developmental deanships and various training centers inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Improve the academic system continuously, advising the university of ways to strengthen its academic programs and improve its facilities and processes according to the best quality standards.
  • Hold competitions and present research awards to the university's faculty; To develop and support studies and projects aimed at improving the educational process and developing academic and administrative programs at the university.
  • Conduct studies to obtain insights and visions on academic processes, identify new trends in academic development, compare with best practices globally, and assess the impact of academic development efforts at the university on teaching and learning practices and outputs.
  • Utilize technological tools and operate distance learning and training management programs; To support the Deanship's training and educational activities and facilitate the participation of the largest number of staff to benefit from the services and programs provided.